Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a reservation?

We do not take reservations. In and around our Adult Only log cabin you can experience our handcrafted Virginia wines in our tasting room. Walk-in tastings are first come first serve.
We have plenty of indoor seating in our brewery and pizza kitchen buildings, as well as a covered tent outside. All indoor and outdoor seating in these areas is first come first serve as well
Please only use our tables for seating so all of our customers have a space to enjoy.
We open at 11 am. Please respect our staff getting setup for the day by not arriving prior to when we open for business and leaving when we close to allow our staff to cleanup for the next day.


We do not offer rentals of our spaces.

Can I bring our own food or alcohol?

We do not permit outside food, excluding desserts. Bringing your own outside alcohol is strictly prohibited under Virginia ABC law and will cause the loss of our license.

We have an excellent food menu that hopefully will meet your needs!

Can I bring decorations?

Limited decorations can be used in our outdoor areas. Examples would be a birthday table cloth, decorative napkins, etc. All balloons and any glitter/confetti are not permitted. You will be asked to return these items to your vehicle.

What happens if a helium balloon hits our overhead power lines?

The coating on balloons conduct electricity, and can cause a short circuit or power surge when coming in contact with high powered overhead lines. This can lead to large-scale power outages, melting of electrical wires, and fires, leading to possible injuries and property damage. We have had a balloon hit our power lines and it took out our power for an afternoon. We will not have that happen again.

Are party buses/limos allowed?

We will not approve any buses, group vans, commercial vehicles, etc. Our parking lot is monitored and you will be turned away.

Are children allowed?

We do have a wide open outdoor family friendly area. Around the remainder of the property and inside the brewery and pizza kitchen buildings the seating is adult-oriented but well-mannered children that are seated/stay with their respective adults are welcome in the brewery, tent, and kitchen spaces. The areas in and around the cabin wine tasting room, pavilion, deck, porch, patio and yard are strictly 21 and older please.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are welcome on all outdoor property and inside the brewery as long as they are kept on leash, cleaned up after, and well-behaved. Please bring your own supplies to care for your pet(s).

Do you have live music?

We have live music on most Friday nights from 5-8pm and 2-5 pm on most Saturdays. Holiday weekend Sundays have music from 1-4pm. You can view the live music calendar here! We are fully booked for 2024. Guests are not permitted to bring their own live music to the property.

What is the rain/inclement weather policy?

All log cabin and pavilion indoor/outdoor seating is 21+ only. We do have a large 80 person outdoor tent and seating inside our brewery and kitchen buildings that can accommodate adult customers with children. We do not provide backup indoor space for your first come first serve functions.

Do you have Wifi and AV equipment?

Sorry no, we do not have public wifi, speakers, or projectors available for guest use.

Can I bring sports equipment, toys, etc?

The outdoor property and indoor facilities are shared with many other guests such as yourselves. Please be courteous within your respective spaces.

NOT PERMITTED. Skateboarding, bicycle/scooter riding, motorized vehicles, rollerblading, hockey/lacrosse/baseball or other sports involving hitting, throwing, shooting, or kicking balls or other items please.