Meet the Goombas

Meet the Makers


Chris Jacques

Chris is our Head Brewer and he has been brewing craft beer for over 25 years. He has created over 1800 inspired craft beer recipes. A graduate of the University of Rhode Islands Food Sciences department, Chris has spent his entire career making craft beer. From his start in the early days of craft beer in New England, to his move to Virginia and landing at Quattro Goombas, Chris has remained committed to making the best craft beer possible.

Pizza Kitchen

Humberto & Araceli Placido

Humberto & Araceli lead our pizza kitchen team to help create our amazing Sicilian style pizza and other menu items specifically designed to enhance your experience at Quattro Goombas. From pizza to salads, sandwiches and appetizers, Humberto and Araceli make sure each of our menu items is hand-made and expertly-crafted for the enjoyment of our guests.


Jay DeCianno

Jay is our winemaker and owner of the business. Jay started making wine with his father and grandfather as a young boy in western Pennsylvania. He amped it up quite a bit when we opened Quattro Goombas and has expertly created wine for our customers since 2006. Jay styles his winemaking using blending techniques handed down from his grandfather and creates several flagship blends that have become perennial favorites.